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Mission and Ministry in Soma

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Soma, The Gambia –Located south of the River Gambia, this town is an important crossroad, where the main East-West road in the country crosses the Trans-Gambia Highway. The main religion in Soma is Islam, with 90% Muslims. Christians, including Catholics, represent five percent of the population, with other denominations also representing five percent.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) are moved by the missionary spirit of our mother Mary as stated at the wedding feast in Cana:  “Do whatever He tells you" (John 2:5). Their mission at Notre Dame School is to provide a quality education that transforms individuals to reach the fullness of their potentials.

A talk given by novice Frances Okafo to the children about our Mother Mary being a role model, as they end May devotion

The sisters in collaboration with the staff, educate beyond the walls of the classroom. They help students to develop sound moral values that will help them to live in harmony with others. Indeed, the sisters have seen great success because they have a very committed and supportive staff.

 The school has the duty to give valuable assistance to pupils to help them achieve their academic goals, and also aid their social, personal and career development. The staff provides individual and small group counseling based on students’ needs to help pupils to understand and overcome social and behavioral problems.

As educators, the sisters try to promote unity among the pupils offering classes on the negative effects of example bullying, fighting, conflicts and show ways of avoiding such tensions. The sisters also sometimes bring them together to interact through extracurricular activities to enable them to get used to one another and live in peace.

Our presence and ministry in Soma mission have greatly contributed to raising awareness among the Christian community in particular, and the society at large, including Muslims and others the need of living in harmony with each other since we share a common humanity and a common home, earth. It is very evident that the sisters have something special to offer. Through their ministry of education, the sisters have brought life to many people as they bear witness to Christ by living out their charism.


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