Celebrating in 2023

Jubilees are cause for special celebration…
Jubilee calls us to express our gratitude to God and to our jubilarian sisters for their faithful love which encourages us to greater fidelity.
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Sister Elizabeth Newman, 60th Jubilarian.

Sister Elizabeth Newmann has had various enriching ministry experiences around USA and Ghana. She has great memories of her time in leadership. It was an opportunity to work with many SSND and sisters from other congregations. Sister Elizabeth knew that accepting the mantle of leadership in the congregation meant she won’t be returning to Ghana soon. This was a painful decision to make, but for the love of Ghana she had to let go with the hope that she would return to her beloved Ghana.



Graphic of Sister Irmina Maciejowska, 50th jubilarian, with quote, "With our Dear Lord, what we do is of less importance than how we do it..."

Sister Irmina Maciejowska was professed in Opole, Poland in 1973. She studied theology at Catholic University in Warsaw and worked in the Curia of the diocese of Opole in Poland. In 1990, she was missioned alongside two sisters to begin a mission in The Gambia in Africa. For twenty-seven years, Sister Irmina served the women, girls, catechist, small Christian communities and taught in our SSND vocational training school. She enjoyed working with the friendly and hospitable people of The Gambia, where majority of her population are Muslims.



Graphic of Sister Jeanne Goessling, 50th jubilarian, with quote, "All the works of God proceed slowly and in pain; but then their roots are sturdier and their flowering the lovelier..."

Sister Jeanne Goessling began her religious life in Saint Louis. She has taught in various elementary and secondary schools and has diligently played the role of an administrator. In 2003, she served as the director of religious education where she continued to work with children and adults of all ages in catechetical ministry. Currently Sister Jeanne is part of the formation community in Kisumu Kenya where she is teaching the postulants and sharing community life. Ministry has offered her opportunities to be with people of diverse cultures.



2023 Jubilarian Sister Rose Ngacha

Professed in 2008, Sister Rose Ngacha studied social ministry in mission at Tangaza College in Kenya. She served in various ministries, one of which is working at the Oyugis integrated project in Nyabururu. She then journeyed with people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans. During this time, she and two other sisters were called and sent to begin an orphans’ outreach program in Homa Bay diocese in Kenya where she served for ten years. For Sister Rose, ministering to orphans is a life giving ministry and it is her desire that a program for orphans would be initiated soon in South Sudan where she is currently missioned.



2023 Jubilarian Sister Petronella Mugashi

As an educator, Sister Petronella Mugashi’s ministry is affirmed and supported by the loving care of her sisters in community. Aware of God’s incomprehensible love and mercy in her faith journey, ‘Sister Pet’ as she is popularly called, also recognizes the efforts that SSND makes to live the African spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ (we are only complete when we realize we cannot do without others!) Embracing our global SSND identity necessitates our ability to adapt to the environment to which we are called.


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