Bumbuna Community

Witnessing to the Love of God at St. Joseph's Preschool

Bumbuna, Sierra Leone — School Sisters of Notre Dame Bumbuna Community in Tonkolili District, Northern Province, Sierra Leone, is blessed to be in an inter-religious community. We have served in this community for nine years and have created an impact in the lives of the people we interact with through education and pastoral work.

St. Josephs Preschool: pupil receiving a certificate of completion

Bumbuna is located near a gold-mining site that attracts both domestic and international investors. Some people do small-scale mining and majority engage in farming activities as means of earning income. There is a good relationship between Christians and Muslims. This has enabled people to work together for the development of the community.

SSND have collaborated well with the Bishop of Makeni Diocese since 2013 and have contributed greatly to the development and growth of St. Joseph’s Preschool in Bumbuna. The current population of pupils in the pre-school is one hundred and fifty. The local people are touched by our selfless services in our efforts to empower the pupils through education. We creatively encourage our staff not to depend only on the salary they receive but to engage themselves in farming to augment their income. The school environment is secure and the teachers are hardworking. We value teamwork spirit and this has helped us attend to different needs as they arise.

Sisters praying with youth

Apart from teaching, SSND engage themselves in reaching out to the people in the larger community and the church. Sisters are part of different church organizations as a way of encouraging the laity to remain steadfast in their faith and also to educate the people on practical ways they can support themselves financially or live decently. Sometimes we share seedlings during planting season to those who express their interest in farming. We encourage the youth to use their energies meaningfully to support themselves and reduce their dependence on others.

St. Josephs Preschool: a pupil addressing the congregation

The Sisters are very grateful to God for the many ways God is using them to bring transformative education to the people of Bumbuna. The people of Bumbuna in turn, are grateful to God for SSND presence in their community.

Serving at St. Joseph’s preschool as mentors has given the sisters another opportunity to open themselves to respond to the needs of the larger Bumbuna community. Good rapport among teachers, parents, and pupils has helped us to work together for the good of all. Appreciating the effort of pupils has encouraged many pupils to do well both in academics and in the extra-curricular activities of the school.


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