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By Sister Beatrice Chepng’eno, SSND
Sister Beatrice and kids

Since July 2022, I have been teaching in St. John the Baptist Nyalieng’a Primary School. Similarly, I have been working with Pontifical Missionary Children (PMC) of St. Arnold Nyalieng’a Parish. Another opportunity for serving has been through Notre Dame Childrens Outreach Program (NDCO), initiated to take care of orphans and vulnerable children in Nyalieng’a Parish jurisdiction. My life in mission is prompted by my openness to love and reach out especially to the vulnerable. My availability and readiness to embrace the newness each day, enables me and others to grow in communion with God.

I give guidance and counselling for moral formation and spiritual nourishment. Our children have been affected so much by poverty and gender inequality. Cases of teenage pregnancies and HIV/AIDS infections are high. Such situations make girls see school a safe place. The sisters work together with the school community to guide and counsel these children.

The school gives us opportunities to assist children to grow spiritually. The pupils long for the weekly pastoral instructions and Holy Mass. We are happy that our children in St. John the Baptist have learned to animate Mass through singing, proclaiming the Word and performing liturgical dance. The openness of the children to learn new things has made it easy to share with them my gifts. The pupils who practice the Catholic faith from our school are also members of PMC, and this has helped us journey together spiritually both in school and in the church. We meet once a week with PMC in the parish and we share with them about prayer, participation at Mass, being responsible, helping the needy and teaching them to carry out activities that are appropriate at their age. I have learned from them how children are innocent and generous in sharing their gifts and talents.

Sister Beatrice and kids

Through NDCO and the parish community, we strive to find justice for the vulnerable children. I have appreciated our children for their fast learning and interest to be assisted to reach the fullness of their potential. Together, we reach out to our parishioners who are parents and/or guardians of the sponsored children. The readiness of the children, their parent/guardians, teachers, staff and parish community to be who they are reminds me of Blessed Theresa’s words “with the good Lord, what we do is less important than how we do it.” The children are encouraged to share the joy of the word of God with their colleagues in their various schools. We pray for these children that they may grow to know, experience God and be responsible people in the society.


To learn more about NDCO, visit Notre Dame Childrens Outreach Program.

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