A Home in Africa

Africa Provincial House Dedication on August 28, 2020

The popular saying, “God’s time is the best” manifested greatly as we blessed and opened our home in Africa after 50 years of SSND presence on the continent. Factual is the saying of Mother Theresa that ‘all the works of God proceed slowly and in pain but then, their roots are the sturdier of roots and their flowering the lovelier.’ The spirits of our ancestors were felt in-depth during the dedication of our Provincial House to our foundress, Blessed Mary Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger. It was a thanksgiving of amazing grace.

We had great hope that Sister Roxanne and the Provincial Assembly delegates would be present at this event to represent the congregation and the sisters from each area of the province. Unfortunately, our new realities and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic did not allow this to happen.

However, sisters of the Ghana area were all present to represent the sisters from the entire Province and celebrate this day with ebullience. The community of one heart and one mind was evident as each sister assumed responsibility to ensure that such a historic day remains inscribed in our memories. Indeed, St. Augustine, on whose commemoration this epic event was celebrated, must have been filled with great joy and gladness.

The celebration consisted of three parts. First, the dedication and opening of the house, followed by a Holy Mass and lastly the reception and appreciation of all those who have worked closely with the sisters to bring the building to its completion.

The Vicar General, Very Reverend Father John Louis, the officiating minister duly represented His Grace, Archbishop John Bonaventure Kwofie, CSSp. We were blessed to have him step into the shoes of the Archbishop. His words of exhortation at Mass were edifying and nourishing to all present and especially to us SSND. One spectacular fact out of the five points he made, was the clear distinction between a home and a house—ours is a home that is not defined by the structure but, by the love, respect and unity that exists among the dwellers. Thus, he urged each sister to contribute to making it a place where everyone feels a sense of at-homeness and hospitality.

Apart from the bliss that radiated on the faces of all present, the heavens sent down showers of blessing to crown our prayer of thanksgiving with the confirmation that God has truly come to make a dwelling with us in Our Home.

Sister Elizabeth Newman delivering Sister Roxanne Schares presentation in her absense.
Dedication Mass final prayer.
Cutting of the cake at the dedication celebration.

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