Focus and Commitments

Shalom Africa Branch

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The Triune God impels us into the heart of the world to be women of peace, hope, love and unity. In the spirit of Blessed M. Theresa and Mother M. Caroline, we the members of the Shalom Africa Branch, guided by You Are Sent, Love Gives Everything, and Catholic Social Teaching, commit to:


  • We will organize educative presentations at our area meetings or other gatherings on topics related to justice, peace and integrity of Creation. In particular we will focus on human trafficking and migration and issues that arise in the local area.
  • We will continue to study church documents especially Laudato Si’.


  • We will keep ourselves updated on current issues around us and share or act as is appropriate or possible.


  • Continue observing our designated day for “Centers of Prayer for Peace” on the 18th of each month. When possible pray for peace in our ministries also.
  • Making our SSND communities places where Shalom is visible.

In collaboration with others

  • We will strengthen our networking within Shalom and the UN/NGO office. We will especially look for ways to connect our Shalom clubs.
  • We will collaborate with others working for peace, justice and integrity of creation locally, nationally and internationally. We are especially conscious in joining with others who are working against human trafficking and those who are working for peace and human rights.
  • We will continue our efforts to work with those of other faiths.
  • We will continue to celebrate UN international Days and Church days related to Shalom*.

For the dignity of life

  • We will work for human rights for the unborn and anyone who is oppressed.

And the care of all creation

  • We will make lifestyle choices that promote integral ecology.
  • We will make decisions that counteract climate change in ways that are appropriate for our local environment and encourage legislation that will help our ailing planet.

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