SSND presence in Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya — Over the years the community in Nairobi has served as a Center for Formation as well as a House of Studies. The site is located in near proximity to several institutes of higher learning. The community is now comprised of students and sisters who minister in the greater area of Nairobi.

Sister Joan Mukhwana

Sister Joan Mukhwana

Ministry at the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops
Sister Joan works for the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) as the National Executive Secretary for the Commission for the Clergy and Religious. The primary purpose of the Commission for Clergy and Religious Liaison is to promote mutual collaboration among the Bishops, Religious and Diocesan clergy respecting the uniqueness of each group and working together to fulfil their prophetic and evangelising call, for the benefit of all in Kenya.

Sister Joan is charged with implementing the Strategic Goals of the Commission which includes:

  • Ensuring there is appropriate and adequate formation of evangelising agents – the Clergy and the Religious men and women. The Commission runs capacity building programmes for Clergy and Religious and enables the different groups to meet in dialogue about collaboration.
  • She ensures that there are enough financial resources for capacity building and collaborative activities in the Catholic Church through fund raising for these activities. These activities promote the building of mutual collaboration in the Church in Kenya.
  • She also works with a committee composed of Bishops, leaders of the religious and clergy of Kenya that regularly makes recommendations to the Bishops of the best practices in collaborative ministry in the diocese.
  • The commission also manages the International Missionary Benefit Society (IMS) East Africa Section on behalf of KCCB. They run a medical scheme which takes care of the health of its 5000 members.

Sister Joyce Kwamboka Nyakwama

Sister Joyce Kwamboka Nyakwama

Sister Joyce holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota/USA. She is a High School Mathematics, Geography and Christian Religious Education teacher. She holds a Master of Education Degree from Kenyatta University with a specialization in Curriculum Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. She has also trained skills in facilitation, project and grant proposal writing, basic financial management, basic IT skills, basic counselling and institutional administration among others. Sister Joyce has served in leadership both in the church and in her congregation.

Currently, Sister Joyce serves as ASEC (African Sisters Education Collaborative) Country Director for Kenya. Some of the roles and functions she carries out include:

  • Coordinate SLDI (Sisters Leadership Development Initiative) and HESA (Higher Education for Sisters in Africa) programs in Kenya.
  • Supervise SLDI workshops & HESA program & report to Executive Director based in USA.
  • Work in collaboration with East/Central Africa Regional Director of ASEC.
  • Supervise ASEC Programs in Kenya.
  • Serve as liaison to: ASEC Executive Director, National Conference of Women Religious (AOSK), Partner Universities & Colleges, instructors, sister participants, & all involved with SLDI & HESA Programs.
  • Work with AOSK Executive Secretary to recruit & select sisters for ASEC programs.
  • Coordinate ONLINE & ON SITE course arrangements
  • Prepare reports & perform duties as directed by US ASEC Executive Director.
  • Oversee ASEC Program implementation in the Country.
  • Communicate with the National Conference Women Religious secretariat and superiors to recruit and select participants for ASEC programs.
  • Collaborate with Executive Director to identify locations for ASEC programs and is present during sessions to ascertain curriculum implementation.
  • Coordinate alumnae activities and budgets.
  • Oversee Country ASEC accounts and provide regular financial and program reports to ASEC Finance office in USA.
  • Organize and procure materials for ASEC programs.
  • Work collaboratively with Partner Colleges and Universities with regards to admissions, academic progress and as needed.
  • Attend bi-annual meetings with other Country Directors across East, Central and West Africa.
Sister Jacinta Achieng Ondeng on graduation day

Sister Jacinta Achieng Ondeng

Sister Jacinta is from Kenya; born and brought up in the Western part of Kenya. She is the second born child in a family of six. Her calling as a School Sister of Notre Dame in 1997 was inspired by the congregation’s work of education, directed towards the empowerment of women, youth/children and the poor.

Education and teaching have been central in her career life. After completing a bachelor degree in Education at Kenyatta University in 1991, she first taught at St. Francis Girls High School, a government Catholic sponsored school in the Archdiocese of Kisumu. A year later, she was transferred to Migori Teachers College where she taught for seven years before joining the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Her years of formation climaxed with first vows in 2001. Sister Jacinta returned to teaching at Kericho Teachers Training College in Kenya. In 2004 she took a study leave and proceeded for further education at the United States International University in Nairobi earning a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 2006. After two years of government service as a teacher at The Kisumu National Polytechnic, Kenya, she joined Tangaza University College in 2008. This is a Catholic Institution owned by a number of Religious/Missionary congregations.

To date, Sister Jacinta continues ministering at Tangaza University College where she has worked in various capacities including as an academic advisor in the Institute of Social Ministry in Mission for seven years. Currently she teaches courses in Psychology and Safeguarding of Minors and Vulnerable Adults in the Schools of Arts and Social Sciences and Theology. She has also been a member of the Students Life Department where she served as a college counselor and also the patron of the Justice and Peace Commission. In addition Sister Jacinta serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of Christ the Teacher Institute of Education which is in charge of the School of Education.

As a religious woman and academician, Sister’s areas of interest and research include: Substance Abuse and Youth, Human trafficking, Safeguarding of Minors and Vulnerable Adults, Correctional Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Women Offenders to the Community. These interests have been inspired by our SSND charism of education and the empowerment of women and youth to reach the fullness of their potential.


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